Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yankees vs. Floridians

Harry Stoltzfus
Harry Stoltzfus, a city commissioner in Anna Maria Island, has issues with a development backed by Ed Chiles, son of the late Gov. Lawton Chiles.

Stoltzfus is a transplanted Pennsylvanian and owner of a barge company. He came to Florida 15 years ago. The Chiles family has been in Anna Maria since the 1940s. Chiles owns the town's landmark Sandbar restaurant.

Chiles' project features two-story wood frame buildings with wide front porches and tin roofs, definitely an old Florida style. Stoltzfus objects to the parking plan, saying it requires people to back up over the sidewalk.

Ed Chiles
Now lawsuits are flying along with charges and countercharges. And there's a petition to recall Stoltzfus.  There may be an election Sept. 7. The town of Anna Maria Island is divided. St. Petersburg Times writer John Barry puts the tempest in paradise in perspective.

Here's the lastest take on the situation in The Anna Maria Islander. And here's a collection of stories about the Harry Stoltzfus matter, including one detailing how he called the mayor a donkey in an e-mail.

Here's another perspective from a blog about Anna Maria. And, finally, here's Harry Stoltzfus' blog.

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