Huh? Florida

Dominic Sharony
One rare bird: Birdwatchers are atwitter about the first sighting of a rare Cuban Pewee in Everglades National Park, the Miami Herald reports. Birding guide Larry Manfredi spotted the bird near the Long Pine Key Picnic Area. The sighting has not been confirmed by the Florida Ornithological Society but photographs and recordings are to be reviewed. Bird-watchers are flocking to the site from West Virginia, Indiana and California. The bird ha a white crescent behind its eye and a distinctive call: "dee-dee-dee-dee." The species is native to Cuba and the Bahamas.

One big fish: A large manta ray was spotted swimming near the shoreline at the west end of Panama City Beach. | Panama City News-Herald

Gator in the tub: Then there's the case of the fellow in Chipley who had an alligator in his bathtub. That got the attention of the authorities and the fellow was arrested on 16 bad check charges. Shoulda let the gator go. Ya think?